Stormy Family Day

First of all, I thank God for keeping our family safe. The storm might not be that strong here in Baguio but we felt the strong winds. How much more on the places that were really hit. I’m glad my mom and sister in Makati are fine. 

Today, I woke up 1 pm. Yes, I wake up late everyday because I could only work at night even if my work now have a flexible schedule. I sleep 6 in the morning and usually I wake up 11 or 12, but today I woke up extra late. I think I really need that extra hour, I felt rejuvenated. I woke up seeing Sky’s 2 big eyes looking at me and when she saw me woke up, she smiled. What a way to start my day! (thanks to my husband for taking care of Uno while I was sleeping.)

I bathe our children and of course myself, then we head out to the supermarket. (Thanks to our Saya for keeping Sky warm while we were out.) After our grocery shopping, we went to Native Tongue for a little celebration on my husband’s promotion. Sana maramdaman na namin next month ang pagtaas ng sahod nya hehe!

I am so happy that I was able to successfully breastfeed Sky in public, (again thanks to our Saya for keeping me covered, who needs to buy those expensive nursing wear when there is Saya hehe!) I’m really glad that people in La Trinidad, I guess are breastfeeding advocates, because I did not get any weird stare when I was breastfeeding. Sorry kung muka akong breasfeeding. Iba kasi yung feeling na nabibigay mo yung pinakamagandang bagay sa anak mo. Nakakaproud! Isa to sa mga blessing na pinagpapasalamat ko. Ang laking tipid sobra!


Sky’s polka dot #OOTD.


Chocolate Mouse Cake. P65 lang yan, ang sarap, very chocolaty.

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SaYa + Nurture Nook

Before, we had a neighbor who uses a blanket to carry her baby all the time, she calls it “ubba.” And she is able to do all of her chores while she’s carrying her baby. So I thought to myself why don’t I do that because Sky likes to be carried all the time. We have a Baby Bjorn carrier but it’s bulky and I feel like Sky is not comfortable in it, so I went to Google and typed baby carriers. A lot of results came up I was then introduced to the babywearing trend. Most of these moms or dads that babywear don’t use a bulky carriers, most of them use a sling or a pouch and it actually kinda looks like what our neighbor was using except that these ones are modified and trendy. 

Temporarily, I used one of my big scarves to wear Sky and it seems okay but it was not long enough that sometime she feels uncomfortable. I know she’s not comfortable because she cries.


The first time I tried wearing her, she fell asleep very easily.

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The Joys of Online Shopping

Being a stay-at-home-mom won’t stop me from buying nice things for my baby. When Sky came into our life it’s been difficult for me to go out. Bringing two children to the mall is not easy not to mention that I am breastfeeding as well. There was one time that I tried, we just went there to buy something and that’s it, very straight to the point, no more walking around which is so not me. 

Anyway there is this website called where they sell super nice things, nice din ang price nila but they were on sale so I was able to afford clothes for Sky. As of now they don’t ship to other places except for Metro Manila. It’s good that my sister lives in Makati so I had it shipped there and she shipped it to me through LBC. Thank you Oice! 

I bought a 5-pack onesie and a cute little polka dot dress for her. Both of them were at 50% off and because I was able to reach P1000 for my total purchase I had free shipping. It’s true when they say that masarap magkaanak ng babae. There are a lot of options when it comes to clothes and it’s fun to dress them up. 

Picture na!


It came in this box, pero di ko sinama yan nung pinadala sa akin para makamura sa shipping.

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Baby Shusher: My Baby Sleeping Solution

I have been complaining a lot about, how Sky sleeps like a chicken. I put her down and after 5 minutes she’s awake. I don’t have problems in the evening because she sleeps like an adult and I breast feed her so both of us get good sleep at night. During the day I need her naps to be longer so I could do my online job and so I could do some housework too. 

One day, I received an email from about apps to help baby sleep much better. So I downloaded the one for Android. It’s called the Baby Shusher. And I’m not kidding it works. It’s really a sleep miracle. Sky sleeps early already and her naps are longer too. I bought her a rocker but that didn’t work as well. I should have known about this before. This one is the only thing that worked for her. I don’t know, but the sound the app makes, makes baby doze off to dreamland. I was so amazed! 

If your baby is super fuzzy like mine then this app might help you. It’s available for free for your Android or Apple device.

Here’s a video on how it works.  


I had a long day!

First my daughter had been coughing for a few days now and it’s starting to worry me so my husband and I brought her to the doctor to get vaccinated and get checked. It turns out that the doctor can hear that she has a little bit of phlegm in her lungs so she was given mucolytic to get that out. As for the vaccine we had to shell out P2900 pesos for it. I didn’t have a choice because our health center here does not have that available. Anyway it’s okay if it’s for my daughter’s good. I’m praying that Papa Jesus will provide us the money for her next vaccine.

After the doctor’s appointment we went to the birthday party of my friend’s son. Today is his first birthday and at the same time it was also his christening. I really want to see them because I would be resigning soon and it will take a while before we get to see each other again. I’m really decided to resign because nobody will take care of my children and also I found an online job that hopefully would help pay the bills.



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Abundance of Supply

It seems like I’m one of those women who don’t have an abundant milk supply. There are times that my breasts get full but there are times that I feel like that it’s empty because I can feel that my daughter does not get full. I love to breast feed and I’d love to exclusively breast feed so we could save some money. I will be working from home soon so I can breast feed my daughter full time. 

I have this former office mate that I still keep in touch with through Facebook and I’m glad she introduced me to a Facebook group called Breast Feeding Pinays. It’s a group where you can post questions about breast feeding and other breastfeeding moms will give their answers through their experiences. I was reading through some of the discussions and I came across this thing called Natalac. And when I Googled it, it is a food supplement made of Malunggay that helps increase a mother’s milk supply. The mom who’s taking this said that she already has excessive supply of milk so she was advised by the other mommies to stop taking it.

I wish I knew about this before so that I could have start taking this so I didn’t have to buy formula milk to tie up with my breast milk. I know Malunggay really helps breast feeding moms but I can’t eat Malunggay everyday while I’m breast feeding. I didn’t know we have it in capsule form.  So I researched further on this and I found other Malunggay supplement brands that are available in drugstores.

The two famous I saw are Natalac and Pro-Lacta. I already asked my husband to buy me a few capsules of Pro-Lacta, so I could try them and see if my milk supply will improve. I chose Pro-Lacta because it has a higher amount of Malunggay than Natalac and also it’s much cheaper.



I’m really hoping this is the answer to my low breast milk supply.


Mixtape: Trois




1. Sacrilege (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) - The video of this song is super awesome. It’s like watching a movie with artistic cinematography.

2. Eyes Wide Open (Gotye) - Just because I love anything Gotye.

3. Lolita (Lana Del Rey) - I love her dark, mysterious voice. It’s calming in a sense.

4. No Light, No Light (Florence and the Machines) - The way Florence sings this song makes me feel that she really needs that man and she can’t live without him.

5. Save Room (John Legend) - One of the most talented African-American singers I’ve heard. His singing style in this song is just effortless.

6. You’ll Follow Me Down (Skunk Anansie) - I have loved this song since I was in college.

My Diaper Recommendations

Before I had Sky I thought I was done with diapers because Uno is already potty trained. But then she came so we had to buy diapers again. I had the chance to try a few diaper brands and here’s what I think about them.



1. Pamper’s Comfort has improved through out the years. I like that you get free diapers  and savings when you buy their big packs. This is a good diaper when your child isn’t walking yet.

2. Pamper’s Active Baby. This is my favorite diaper to use because it’s really good. A little more expensive that the Comfort variant but definitely worth it. It does not leak and it does not get bulgy when it gets full. I think this is the best diaper to use when you have a toddler.

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Baby No More

I’m so excited to share that my son has finally let go of his feeding bottles. We had to talk it out with him for a couple of days and tonight he agreed to drink milk from a glass. 

Filipinos are fond of putting something on the nipple of the bottle so that a child will be forced to stop drinking milk from a bottle and I’m glad I didn’t have to do that. I think it’s because my son is ready so we just have to talk to him. I had to tell him that he’s a big boy now and the feeding bottles are for her baby sister now. In agreement he said that the bottles are pang ading (for her younger sister.)

I had to take a photo of him drinking milk from a tumbler. Please let me indulge!


I’m hoping that the waiting-for-a-child-to-be-ready style will also work with Sky but as for now I am one happy momma!

Good night!

Why Breastfeeding is Good

It has been said so many times that breast milk is the best food for babies. This is very true and there were a lot of studies to prove that.

Breast milk contains a lot of anti-bodies that babies need to fight diseases and infections. It is proven that breastfed babies are more healthy and are more resistant to diseases.

Breastfeeding is also be beneficial on a child’s later life. Breastfed children are less likely to become obese, they are also less likely to have dental cavities, and my favorite, children who are breastfed are more mature and confident of themselves as they develop. It also helps in the bonding of a mother and a baby. It strengthens a mother and child’s relationship in the long run.



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