Baby No More

I’m so excited to share that my son has finally let go of his feeding bottles. We had to talk it out with him for a couple of days and tonight he agreed to drink milk from a glass. 

Filipinos are fond of putting something on the nipple of the bottle so that a child will be forced to stop drinking milk from a bottle and I’m glad I didn’t have to do that. I think it’s because my son is ready so we just have to talk to him. I had to tell him that he’s a big boy now and the feeding bottles are for her baby sister now. In agreement he said that the bottles are pang ading (for her younger sister.)

I had to take a photo of him drinking milk from a tumbler. Please let me indulge!


I’m hoping that the waiting-for-a-child-to-be-ready style will also work with Sky but as for now I am one happy momma!

Good night!

Why Breastfeeding is Good

It has been said so many times that breast milk is the best food for babies. This is very true and there were a lot of studies to prove that.

Breast milk contains a lot of anti-bodies that babies need to fight diseases and infections. It is proven that breastfed babies are more healthy and are more resistant to diseases.

Breastfeeding is also be beneficial on a child’s later life. Breastfed children are less likely to become obese, they are also less likely to have dental cavities, and my favorite, children who are breastfed are more mature and confident of themselves as they develop. It also helps in the bonding of a mother and a baby. It strengthens a mother and child’s relationship in the long run.



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My husband is fond of watching River Cottage. That is a show in Asian Food Channel and now there is an Australian version (the original one is from England.) This show shows what sustainable living is and it also encourages people to live one. 

It’s my husband’s dream and I to have our own house with a backyard garden. We want to plant our own herbs and vegetables. But my husband’s dream is more extreme. I just want a backyard garden but my husband wants to have a farm like the one in the show. He somewhat wants to live sustainably.

So what is sustainable living?

Sustainable living, in my husband’s words, is taking something but giving something back. It’s living a life with the least carbon foot print. In other words it’s living an environment-friendly life. That’s just my understanding of sustainable living. If you want to know more about it, feel free to Google it.

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Bouncing Baby

This thing has been on my mind for days now and I just can’t stop thinking about it. My daughter, Sky, loves to cry a lot hehe. There are times that the calming lotion does not work and she just can’t fall asleep and when I’d pick her up she’ll stop crying and fall asleep. I think we are in need of a baby rocker. Filipinos have this thing called duyan which we could use but there is no place to put that in our apartment and our landlady won’t allow nails on the walls.

When I bought my breast pump, SM Baby Company is on sale. I saw this rocker which is so perfect and it’s at a discounted price because I have a Mom Card. I believe it’s originally P3499 but there’s a 30% discount so that would be a lot of savings. I had to hold off on buying that because we don’t want to be short on money for food. Hopefully by the end of the month I would have enough money to buy that because I’ve been doing a lot of writing online and also the sale is only until the end of the month.

This is exactly what the rocker looks like.



I am accepting donations, kidding!


Long day, long line

I made my haircut happen today. Like I said on this post I want the Julianne Hough pixie. So Uno and I went to Freshaire, My hair came out fine but during the process of hair cutting the person cutting my hair doesn’t seem to know how to do it. I showed a picture and she said she needs to see a different one, so good thing I have internet on my phone and I Googled more photos. She showed me photo from one of their magazines and it looks nothing like it, and when I showed her another photo she kept insisting that it’s the same with what I showed her. She kept saying that I should not expect that my hair is going to look like Julianne Hough’s hair, I told her I know that. 

While she was cutting my hair, she showed the back side. I told her I want it shorter. Again she told me that it’s not going to like the the pixie on the photo, I just gave her a nod and after about 30 minutes she was done.

If only I have more money to go to Charlie Kang’s Salon I would because the hair cutter there is a better one. I just show him a photo and he knows what to do already and he’s much friendlier. Anyway, good thing my haircut turned out fine, because if not, nothing I won’t do anything hehe. Maybe I’ll just stop going there hehe.

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Essentially Essential

We went out yesterday and I’ve never been so happy to go out with my family. I was so happy to see SM (OA ko! haha!) It’s like I haven’t gone out in like forever hehe.

Anyway I have a few items here that I am highly recommending when you have a baby. You can maybe put it on your registry.

The First Years Manual Breast Pump. It’s kinda like the Avent pump but for a fraction of the price. The Avent Pump is super expensive. For me it’s not practica; This is a better breast pump than my first one. My hand does not get tired and it’s very easy to use. I am able to extract more milk too.


Costs P1399, way cheaper than the Avent one.

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I need a pixie!

I like things easy, especially with my hair. It’s been months since I had my last haircut and I really want to have one again because my hair is starting to become ugly. Fly-aways here and there and the dreaded waves are coming out too. 

I want to get a pixie cut again because it’s super low maintenance. Just wash it, comb it a bit and you’re done. Right now, I’m eyeing on Julianne Hough’s pixie cut. I think it’s good for my hair because it’s layered and it’s not too short.


(Source) How chic!

I hope I could find time to go to the salon, maybe the day after tomorrow. Hopefully…Hehe!

Which to get?

I love breast feeding. I wish I had a lot of milk when I had Uno and I wished I listened to the nurses to just let the baby suck and eventually you’ll have overflowing milk. I would have saved a lot of money 4 years ago. Now with Sky, I breast feed her very often, I admit, I also feed her formula milk whenever I do the laundry or if I have a lot of things or whenever we go out. But most of the time, it’s breast milk especially at night. 

I bought this breast pump from SM Baby Company a month ago. It was no good, It’s difficult to express milk, my hands get tired. I bought it because it’s cheap (it was on sales originally P499, I only got it for P399), and the sales lady had great convincing powers that’s why I bought it. I wished I bought a different one and I wished I know a lot of about breast pumps.


I wish I didn’t buy you.

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On Letting Go

Adults have a difficult time letting go of things or people. I say people because when you’re in a relationship and it has to end we have to let go of that person. If you really love that person, it’s really hard to let him/her go.

I admit, I sometimes have a hard time letting go of stuff but I just think of the clutter it will make and I can finally let go of it. My husband is the one who has difficulty letting go of things. I think he has a tendency to hoard but I take over the situation. When that thing is not needed it has to go. 

Since I am on maternity leave, I get the chance to watch a lot of T.V. shows. I always watch the reality series in BIO called Hoarders. It’s about people who have lived in clutter because of their hoarding. The cases shown here are the worst, to the point that they don’t have a place to sleep in their house because of the things they’ve been keeping. It’s really terrible, I can’t imagine myself living in that kind of situation.The situation is so bad that they already ask the help of psychologists and organizing experts. They said hoarding is kind of a mental disability.

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